We will be the place for entrepreneurs, makers, and idea generators to come together to build on the creativity and ingenuity of Staunton. We believe that Staunton has the resources and people to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The IHub provides a place for us to work together to bring the possibilities of Staunton to life.

The Staunton Innovation Hub is becoming the catalyst to establish and grow leading-edge businesses in the Valley. We provide a home for the growing number of telecommuters and freelance workers, incubate a culture of innovation, and redefine our workforce to match the needs of future enterprise. The IHub is in the heart of Staunton’s Historic District and provides a modern home to many existing and successful organizations that already support our growing business community.

Here is just some of what the IHub offers:

  • Flexible coworking space for telecommuters and freelance workers for as little as $50
  • Month-to-month leases
  • Private office space 
  • Shared facilities such as conference room, break room and common areas
  • Gig WIFI (that means wicked fast)
  • Internal and external community space that will be used to create a supportive and collaborative entrepreneurial culture
  • Forward-thinking educational environments for all facets of life
  • Coffee...lots and lots of coffee (and beer)


The IHub will create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in a rural area. The essence of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is its people and a culture of trust and collaboration that allows them to interact successfully. This ecosystem allows for the fast flow of talent, information, and resources so that entrepreneurs can quickly find what they need at each stage of growth. As a result, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. These principles are baked into everything we do to enhance the elements of our ecosystems. We will Redefine Rural. 


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Staunton Innovation Hub

32 N. Augusta St
Staunton, VA 24401

Tel. 540-212-9595

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